Head To Heel is a Body + Movement Program; including Structural Integration, Natural Movement and Dance Education - we can help you rediscover your body and all it can BE and DO for you.



Structural Integration is a remarkable way to reintegrate your body to your life. A form of body work, SI creates space within the connective tissues of your body & allows the body to find balance in Gravity.

NATURAL Movement

Want a way to maintain your Structural Integration work while keeping the status quo? Then this is the path for you! Relearn to move in basic patterns to change the way your body holds itself together.

DANCE Education

Discover dance in many forms. We have lessons available for all skill levels in floor work and aerial work. No experience needed! Discover what your body is made of and learn to roll, leap and fly!


Head To Heel is bridging the gap between
Mind, Body, and Movement.

The Series is an individual and personal process, with a wide range of effects and benefits. In general, a body that is aligned and balanced in gravity moves with more ease, fluidity, efficiency and grace. Movement is a pleasure, breathing is easier and good posture is more effortless.

We aim to affect the whole person, emotionally, physically and energetically, by way of altering the physical being with Structural Integration. Our emotions and behavior patterns, for instance, are often related to our physical being. As restrictions and compensations are removed, and the body comes into greater alignment, aspects of the self may also become more aligned. The body finds balance.

From this alignment, the body is in a new place of learning. We are able to help you learn how your body can move to create and maintain new habits for a better living experience. And should you want to push past your old ways, and into new athletic and artistic territory, we can provide you with the next level; Dance can further improve your emotional, mental, and physical health by boosting your overall happiness and confidence.

Our program strives to help realize an individual's potential, promote positive change, increase confidence,
and understand oneself and one's body.